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The Wells Fargo brand is consistently ranked as one of the most valuable banking brands in the world.

Our brand is what people say about Wells Fargo to their friends and family. It’s how they feel about doing business with us and how they describe those feelings.

We have a brand platform that defines our brand and who we are for customers and team members. At the center of that platform is our brand purpose. It says what we believe, how we differ from our competitors, and how we care for customers. Our brand purpose is: “To help our customers succeed financially. We believe better is possible for everyone. This is why team members work together every day to help our customers reach their goals.”

Our brand purpose is supported by these principles, or brand pillars, to deliver on our purpose and promise to work together to differentiate Wells Fargo from our competitors:
-Relationships that last a lifetime. We know our customers and care about them as individuals. In every interaction with us, they should feel understood, recognized, and supported through their financial journey.
-Expertise and guidance to help our customers make confident decisions. We provide guidance and options so that customers can make informed choices.
-Going the extra mile to do what’s right. We must put the interests of customers and communities first in all we do. We must come through for them so they know we are there in good times and bad. We must work to make their lives easier.

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