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ABCM Corporation Taking Diligent Precautions In Response To COVID-19

ABCM Corporation’s top priority has always been the ongoing safety, health, and welfare of our residents and tenants. With the health crisis called the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading throughout the state, our focus remains on them, as well as on our 3,300+ employees throughout our 31 Iowa locations. Although information about the outbreak of the coronavirus continues to change at a rapid pace, ABCM Corporation has a team of dedicated personnel staying up to date on the ever-changing federal, state, and local guidelines and updates. This team is in close contact with each of our locations and the local and state health departments, as well as monitoring guidance from the federal government, to stay up to date on the information to prevent and manage the spread of coronavirus. Over the past few weeks, ABCM Corporation has diligently reviewed and updated our infection prevention and control plans along with our emergency communication plan. We have implemented our infection prevention and control policies and procedures, as we know this is key to preventing coronavirus and other common viruses.

We are following the same infection prevention procedures used during flu season: handwashing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, covering coughs, and disinfecting the physical environments. Our ABCM locations are also following direction for employees who are sick to stay home and we are actively screening staff prior to each shift. We know that the people most likely to become severely ill from the virus are older adults and those with underlying medical conditions, so we are restricting non-essential services and visitors including family members, contractors, and volunteers for the time being. Because it is possible to unintentionally spread the virus without being symptomatic, as of 3/11/2020, all entry points to our locations have been locked, with signs posted on the doors to notify all visitors. Accommodations for family members who loved one is near end-of-life may be made; however, it is critical that we do all that we can do to protect our residents, tenants, and staff from this virus. ABCM Corporation locations have also restricted all group activities, internal and external for the foreseeable future, to help reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus. We understand that limiting visitors, along with cancelling group activities and communal dining, is a disruption in the day-to-day norm that our resident and tenants have come to expect and enjoy; we are exploring new ways to communicate with loved ones, as well as providing increased one-on-one internal activities for our residents and tenants. Our Activity Departments, Assisted Living Managers, and other team members have already come up with some unique ways to engage resident and tenants with their loved ones and in activities specific to their personal likes and enjoyment. We will continue to do so to ensure the well-being of our residents and tenants during this time of restrictions.

All ABCM Corporation locations have been and will continue to screen and accept new admissions. Each new resident and tenant will be carefully screened with our structured screening tool, which has been updated specifically for the current situation, before bringing them into our buildings. If admitted, any symptomatic resident or tenant will be isolated upon entry. We closely monitor any signs of illness and as always, keep sick residents and tenants away from those who are healthy. We do not have any cases locally. ABCM Corporation understands this is very challenging time for everyone but are committed to keeping our residents, tenants, and staff as safe as possible. “While the challenge is substantial, we will overcome it by staying together and communicating and working as a team to do what ABCM Corporation’s top priority has always been- taking caring of our residents and tenants, as well as each other,” states Samuel Stanton, M.D., ABCM Corporation Executive Medical Director. ABCM Corporation is a multi-level provider and has been a leader in long-term care for over 50 years. ABCM Corporation owns and operates 31 rehabilitation and long-term care centers in Iowa. In addition, ABCM Corporation owns or manages 24 Independent and Assisted Livings throughout the state. Select ABCM Corporation locations also provide Outpatient Therapy Centers and ABCM Healthy Living Home Care. Additional specialized services are uniquely available at each location. For more information on our 31 Iowa locations, services, and careers with ABCM Corporation, please visit

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